Business Mentoring

Are you the owner of your own business? Maybe you're just starting out on your new business venture - or are a seasoned well oiled pro! Wherever you sit on the spectrum I believe I can help you. Being the boss is wonderful but it can also be quite lonely. Working with small business owners over the last few years I've noticed a common theme - being our own boss means there's no one to hold US accountable and often we need that accountability to help motivate us and make sure we're actioning the things that build up to help us achieve our greater goal.

That greater goal can often get lost in the intricacies of running day to day operations, so I'm here to help you take a step back and remember the bigger picture, strip it back to basics and help you get where you want to be. A fresh pair of eyes, a whole lot of experience and an ability to break through the noise. 

There's so many elements involved in this and no two business's look the same - no two owners are the same and so what I offer is completely tailored to you and where you're up to on your journey. 

Some days will be nothing less than inspired! You know the feeling -  you wake up with focus, ideas on how to improve and a desire to act on it all very quickly. These are the days we long for and the days we absolutely thrive. Can you imagine having someone to bounce ideas off when you're in this state of productivity? What you could achieve! 

Then there are the days when you feel the exact opposite. Flat, deflated and detached from your business. The days that lead into weeks where you can barely motivate yourself to do the bare minimum required to tick over. 

On these tougher days (that are to be entirely expected) I've identified that a lot of people struggle with self worth. It often leads to comparisons with what they would consider 'more successful' businesses, we then feel even worse. You may feel lost, demotivated and not good enough. Imposter syndrome can creep in and before we know it we're feeling like the whole thing is pointless. This is a really hard space to be in but one I feel incredibly well qualified to pull you out of in what I'm going to term ' a power hour.' 


Whether you're at your highest or lowest point within your business or anywhere in-between, I can elevate you. I can elevate your business. 

Quite simply, a motivational chat with a simple objective - to leave you feeling re-inspired motivated and full of ideas on how to reactivate your business. You'll leave with a list of actions - bite sized manageable chunks tailored to you and your business completely designed to achieve your goals - all of which will be discussed in your power hour. Whichever areas your floundering in I will help you through them - whichever areas you are shining in I will be your champion, consider it a bit like business therapy! 

A fresh pair of experienced eyes can completely enhance your business. I've spent time with people - really capable people who've created a really successful business who have lost their energy. I've spent an hour with them and seen them leave with a new lease of life. Sometimes we're so 'in' our business it's really hard to be objective and we can miss quite simple things which could really aid our success. I've heard so many times the phrase ' it's really obvious now you've said it' and as they say, knowledge is power.

Power can empower - and an empowered business owner is a force to be reckoned with! I can be those eyes for you, I can be the innovative voice, I can ask the right questions to get you to a place that answers questions you didn't know you were asking... so ask yourself if you could benefit from any of the following: 

- Inspiration of where to head next

- Help making manageable targets

- Ideas on how to gain more sales

- Marketing advice 

- Someone to be held accountable to

- Someone to motivate and inspire you 

- Help with social media - structured plans of action 

- business advice and guidance - tangible goals 

- Someone to bounce ideas off 

- Someone to help with content writing (see separate page all about what packages I can offer here) 

I will dig into the bones of your business and identity your goals. Then I will help you achieve them - sounds good doesn't it? 

If you want to book a session pop me a message over at 

Sessions can be done in person if you're local to Romiley SK6 or over FaceTime at your convenience. They can be done as often or as infrequently as you wish - it's your business - you decide. 

A popular structure is to have monthly sessions so I can leave you with an action plan and then check up on how you've got on and set you more goals. 

Every business I work with is very different to the next, and so your session won't look like anybody else's, it's completely adapted around you to help you and leave you feeling excited, inspired and revitalised in any of the areas we identify together. 

So - why not give it a whirl? Allow me in and see the difference a power hour can make to your business. 

Investment: £70 per session which includes a power hour with me and a follow up email of goals/ targets for you to action based on our session.