Who is echo?!

Hello! I'm Liz - creator of all things echo, thank you for visiting my website designed by the fabulous Nathan at Boka Print, I hope you find what your looking for, and if not, remember I can personalise most things so we can create something together with the words of your choice. I'm truly overwhelmed with how fast my business has grown, and constantly delighted at how loyal you - my valued echo customers are... I know it's easy to say, but I couldn't mean it more. For each and every one of you that places an order, you are making a sequin loving, stamping addicted lady very happy. Its just me at echo, I do all of the designing, making, stamping and packaging although I do have a very eager 4year old who likes to 'help' :-) and a newborn who is already showing considerable promise. So... for those of you who have followed my journey since the beginning - thank you - and for those of you new to me - welcome, I hope you like what you see and come back again soon, Liz x


Everything on these pages is handmade to order (unless otherwise stated) so you can be assured you are buying a truly unique item - no two creations are the same. All text is stamped letter by letter and your words and colours are incorporated in at no extra cost. My collection consists of many hand painted and stamped shapes, bespoke pictures, cards and bunting. Every piece is given 100% attention to detail to produce something as unique as you are, I hope you find something that fits the bill! 

The look 

If you love rustic colours, visible paint strokes and imperfect finishes then echo designs are for you. Every batch of paint is mixed by hand so no two lots are the same. Expect a shabby effect finish in french grey, shabby cream, pastel blue and baby pink. Made to order just for you but with a weathered look that oozes character and vintage chic.  I love including your personality into my designs so if you have any particular colours in mind or ideas you would like incorporating just let me know. Likewise I'm never happier than when I'm given free reign by my very trusting regulars so if your happy for me to go with the flow - just say the word! 

The design 

Every letter is hand stamped in faded black ink. Letters and words are spaced to create the best possible look so every design will vary depending on the words you choose. 

The finish 

I choose embellishments and ribbon to match your chosen colour and words, just let me know if you have any particular colours in mind. Every stamped piece is sprayed with a protective coating meaning your item is safe to hang on the wall for many years. They are not designed for outdoor use, they would weather in the elements and be faded by the sun if they were there for any length of time.

The Materials 

The materials I use are carefully chosen for their quality and look. I believe that to make something beautiful you have to use beautiful things so I happily spend weekends trawling around antiques fairs and markets picking up gorgeous old trinkets and materials so there is often a bit of history in a design if it fits the bill. 

The designer 

Coming to echo designs you are getting something truly unique, I hope you love that about your item. Uniform and identical -they are not, made with devotion and love they are. Everything is made to order and I trust my creative instinct to take control - I hope you do too.