Echo designs - everything you need to know

Liz Nagle

home stylist | creator 

Owner of echo designs

Liz is a home stylist based in Stockport, Manchester. Her brand ‘echo designs’ sells trend setting hand picked Homeware and wallprints and her services include location based venue styling as well as her sell out home styling workshops.

Liz has been featured many times in Style at Home magazine, the latest being an 8 page feature on her home and business. She’s also had a feature in Good Homes magazine and her styled photographs have been used on many high profile Instagram accounts such as Dunelm, Matalan and Ideal Home magazine. Her home was recently used for a photo shoot with lighting brand ‘Iconic Lights’

Her eye for detail and effortless unique styling ability has earnt her a loyal and enthused following and her relaxed and chatty manner across her social media platforms results in consistently high engagement and a passionately faithful customer base. She is rapidly becoming people’s first port of call for new home finds and up to date styling advice.

 Liz Says
''My ethos is to offer ranges that will add beauty to my customers home. My brand offers a lifestyle, but an attainable affordable and realistic one that’s still beautiful, innovative and aspirational.
 From visiting many clients homes and restyling their spaces the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that people need a bit of inspiration to help them get their flare relit in terms of decorating their homes - offering ideas of how the same thing can work in different set ups is key to tapping in to each and every persons individuality. Doing this with integrity in an organic and accessible way is my sole intention.

 Working with brands that reflect this philosophy is something I love to do.''
Liz's own unique style is a fresh mix of many influences "I'd describe myself as a maximilist with a penchant for monochrome." I like lots of things around me to reflect my personality. Scandinavian design brings me deep joy although I lean towards a more rustic approach and I'm big on typography. It's quite a mixed pot! 
I don't follow rules and I encourage my clients to do the same. I've found so many people bound by principles that they were brought up thinking were the only way - like cushions matching the curtains. I try and encourage people to tap into what they actually like rather than what they think they should like - there's often a big difference and the freedom they get once we've dissected any pre existing pre-conceptions is liberating and game changing! 


Liz is a regular exhibitor at the Fabulous Places events held at the stunning Roundhouse in Derby. 

If you would like to work with Liz in any capacity as a home stylist or use her house for a shoot please get in touch