Content Writing

Are you a business owner? Do you struggle to keep up on Social Media? Pressure to post… no idea what to write… worried about grammatical errors, no time, NO TIME! Is it just a thing you could do without? Need a hand bringing your product or service to life in your product descriptions? Need a bio for your website that's worth reading? Maybe you just need a helping hand for a week or two sorting your social media, if any of this is resonating with you, I could be just what you need. 

I’ve identified this struggle with many of my friends who run businesses - often they’re spinning a million other plates as well as trying to keep up a presence on their chosen social media platform to give their business a fighting chance of being seen. It’s kinda a love hate relationship with Insta isn’t it… we know its value ( if we get seen) Instant customer access, lovely visuals… but we constantly hear that we need to ‘show up’ - ‘any content is better than no content’ and before we know it we’re feeling a bit pressured and a bit scared of what the heck we should write about. 

Behind the scenes over the last few years I’ve been helping more business than I now have fingers to count on, to up their business game. Mainly friends who just need a confidence boost or a fresh eye on things and I’ve realised (with their help) that I'm not too bad at it! 

I love writing am highly adaptable and would love to jot something down for you.

So… what can I offer... I’m not some marketing guru - there are PLENTY of those out there - you’ll probably pay handsomely for their offerings and I’m quite sure many of them are worth it, but it’s not my aim to go down that road -  I’m more of an inbetween option. An accessible and instant option to to help you feel a bit less overwhelm. Anything within your business that you need words for I can help you with. 

What I CAN offer you is ZERO COMMITMENT,  value for money, utter honesty (If I don’t think I can help you I’ll tell you straight away and not take your cash) great communication and a huge desire to HELP - that’s all I want to do really.

My heart is with small business as I’m one myself and surround myself with others - that said I’m open to all options if we think I’m a good fit for you. My preferred writing style is chatty, witty and relatable but I’m able to put different hats on to suit your brand.

 I've been established for over 6 years so I've tried and tested most things so know quite instinctively what works and what doesn't. 


I’m not going to take over your social media accounts, I don’t need your logins or security details. I offer packages where I write the content for you and YOU decide when and where to post it. There are options to inspire content if you just need a fresh pair of eyes to give you some new ideas and purely post packages where you whizz me over a load of photos and I write the content for you. I can tailor packages around you completely if you let me know what you need. I also offer a business mentoring service which you can find out more about here

I’ve learnt over the last few years that content can’t just be ‘salesy.’ My aim is to help you connect with your existing customer base as well as attracting new ones.

It is said a person needs to see something 7 times before it’ll even register on their radar. Thats not just 7 posts because who’s to say somebody’s quick swipe will involve even seeing your post let alone stopping to view and read it - it could be 20 posts before you’re really properly seen and even then why would the swiper choose your product or service to buy? I say this because I want to be clear that I don’t promise to boost sales in ‘7 days’ - to completely transform your business in ‘3 posts’ or make you a millionaire in a week.

Getting seen on socials isn’t a walk in the park but when you are seen you want to make sure you’ve got a bit of engaging content going on and aren’t announcing that it’s Wednesday today because really WE ALL KNOW THAT ALREADY. 

For me, the biggest social media offence is being bland - I think many people try and appeal to everyone and as a result inspire no one. I’ll help you to identify your audience if you don’t already know who they are and we’ll direct our approach towards them.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone read your post you want to try and tempt them to stop by next time you post - plant a few seeds that you’re worth a read.

Gently building a presence and a rapport with someone. The more they see you ‘show up’ the more trusted you become. They may not require your product or service right now this minute but if you’ve become a constant on their feed, been worth a read a few times chances are you’ll cross their mind when they do need what you’re offering.

It’s a slow game people! I know this because I’ve done it. As well as social media posts, I can help you with product descriptions, press releases, bio’s, photography - everything you need to help improve your business. 

Initial groundwork session 

There’s a bit of groundwork involved before I swoop in and start writing for you, I have to spend time getting to know your business and getting to know you so I can echo your voice -rather like a ghostwriter for your autobiography - I’m your very own non scary accessible ghost!

This is what initial groundwork means and it enables me to offer you the very best service I can. It’ll require me to pour over your existing socials and communications. I’ll want to quiz you (in a very friendly way) over the direction of your business.

It’s a very organic process and you don’t need to have all of the answers - I'm there to guide and support you. It may be that you love what you’re doing post wise but just don’t have the time to do it in which case my formula is right there already. 

Maybe you want to evolve your tone - 'update' your business voice or create some different content with a blog - no two people or business’s are the same and that’s why what I offer is tailored completely around you. 

Initial groundwork can be done in a number of ways - a lot I can do without you :-) But I do need you for a bit of it (a good half an hour - possibly longer) . If you’re local to Romiley Stockport I highly encourage a face to face - nothing gets through the noise better than a cuppa and a natter. If we’re not favoured geographically a FaceTime is great. If you’re not so comfortable with that or honing in on a time is a bit restrictive we can do it by email. Whatever is easiest for you is the right way. I can’t commence ANY work with you until this session has been done otherwise I’m not doing it (or you) the justice you deserve so please include this one off fee in your initial budget if you’re thinking of undertaking any of the following packages with me. 


Rates & Services 

Initial Groundwork session £60 


Social Media Posts - I write the amount of posts you choose within your package. You send me over the photos and I write the post for each one and you decide when you post it and what platforms you choose to post it on. No commitment required and a great way to trial my service whilst remaining in full control at all times. Hashtags included. As part of this package you get a free guide written by me on how to make the most of instagram alongside me writing your posts. Worked in tandem you should notice a boost in interaction and sales in the longterm. An initial groundwork session needs to take place before these packages can be started. 

10 post package: £35.00

15 post package: £45.00

20 post package: £60.00


Content Inspiration Session £50

If you’re struggling for ideas on what to post but feel happy creating the actual post yourself this one off session may be the right fit for you. I'll give you a load of ideas of relevant content for your business. This will provide an outline for you to create your own posts. A really effective way for an objective take on your business. Often we’re so busy ‘in it’ we can miss simple things that may really help us up our game. A second pair of eyes can be a game changer. These sessions can be done in person - (think scribbling ideas in a notebook’ style) Or I can do them with minimum input from you and deliver you everything via email if that works better.

Included in this is my free guide on how to make the most of instagram. For a deeper more generalised inspiration business session see my business mentoring page here.


Blog Post Creation 

£80-£120 per blog (depending on length) If you have a subject matter in mind all the better but don’t worry if you don’t, after our initial groundwork session I’ll be full of ideas so you can leave it all to me. 

 Newsletter Content £100 (approx) 

You send me the photos you want to use in your newsletter and I write the content. This is not an exact science but I would expect around 6 photos and your newsletter would include a welcome an end and peripheral information as required. Cost based on exact requirements but would be around the £100 mark.


Brand Identity and Photo Inspiration Session £50

I’ve helped a lot of businesses shape their brand identity and I can help you to do the same - and lets face it - it’s all well and good having gripping content ready to go on social media posts but it's the photograph which will stop people in their tracks in the first place.

If you’re struggling to think of ideas for photos I can really help with this and give you easy practical advice on how to achieve professional looking photos yourself. At heart I’m a stylist with a creative flair - If your photos are decent then people are lot more likely to read your post and a lot more likely to become a customer. This session needs to be done face to face either on FaceTime or real life. Please note I am NOT a professional photographer - I can recommend plenty of them! My USP is helping you to improve what you’re currently delivering and give you creative ideas on new photo content to create whilst building on your brand identity. 


On location Styling and Phone photography session - £200

Please note this service is only available to locations near to Romiley SK6.

Within this 4 hour session I will come to your house/ base and we will work through a full styling and photography session. The aim of this session is threefold. Firstly to establish (or to fine-tune if you already have it) your photography style. It’s crucial for your business to have a clear and defined identity - this is your brand. Secondly to provide you with plenty of content for posts for the foreseeable future - we will take a lot of photos and videos! Thirdly to equip you with the knowledge to be able to do this independently after this session. There’s lots more I could say about this session but it really is so dependent on where you are already - feel free to contact me so we can work out exactly what I can offer you. 


Product Descriptions

The bug bear of so many businesses! Isn’t it the hardest thing to sell ourselves and our product or service? I see so many descriptions that just list what is plainly obvious already, let’s level it up and sell the dream - the lifestyle - the service. If you’ve got people to the point where they’ve clicked on your product you don’t want to loose the sale because of a bland description! It’s also quite a monotonous job so I can do that for you so you don’t fall asleep on your stool. Send me the pictures and I’ll write the descriptions in keeping with your business tone. 

6 product description package: £22

12 product description package: £40 


Content Writing

Bio for your website? Introduction for your brochure? Press release, dating profile?! Pop me a message over for a tailored package to suit your content needs. If you need words, I can probably help. 

The Full Monty Small Business Package £500

If you’re just starting out or feeling a bit lost or demotivated where you are and need an injection of enthusiasm, knowledge and experience this will work wonders for your business. I’ve recently just done this entire package with a small business and it’s completely transformed it and the motivation levels of the owner. It’s basically the full monty of everything above and includes 


  • On location styling and phone photography Session
  • Content writing for your website - (bio, welcome, about’ ]
  • Up to 20 social media posts based on the photography session we will do 
  • Brand identity clarification and direction 
  • Up to 20 product descriptions 
  • Content inspiration for the future 
  • 2 other pieces of content or your choice (newsletter, blog, press release, bio etc) 

It’s a complete startup or reset for your business and will aid you to continue as you mean to go on. I really want to get into the bones of your business and help you make it what you want it to be. It will be adaptable depending on what you need and what your business needs but will include all of the above and more. Consider it a full care service for your business. We will look at all aspects of it and I will help you get the best from it that you can based on 8 years of building my own successful brand. 

To discuss any of my services, check availability or to book please email me at 

I can’t wait to work with you. 

Liz x