Home Styling Power Hour

The Echo Power Hour

Your Virtual Home Styling Masterclass

The best hour of your day is just a click away! Are you ready to get Stylish in your home or workspace?!

All I need is an hour of your time. You can be anywhere in the world and you can even wear your pyjamas! Let’s work some echo magic in your home as I invite myself over for a virtual cuppa with a big side of styling! 

Choose an area that needs a boost and together we'll spend the hour styling it, it really is that simple! 

The beauty of this session is tenfold. Not only do you get to enjoy a beautiful space at the end of it but you’ll leave fully equipped with tonnes of super styling tips that I’ve learnt over a decade of styling your spaces. Tips you can use over and over again ready to style your spaces happily ever after, it really is the hour that keeps on giving! 

My aim? To leave you feeling inspired and excited about making your spaces as gorgeous as possible. 

The Art of Styling 

Creating beautiful spaces is all about balance. The magic happens when we consider the placement of objects in alignment with the physical space available to us and how they sit proportionally. 

Add to that consideration of pallet, position and combination of pieces and we really start to make our mark and establish our style direction. 

It’s the combination of these elements balanced with an understanding of how they work in the space as a whole that creates our stylish havens. How you do it becomes your personal style. 

Will you Benefit? 

The short answer is a big YES! Haven’t got a clue about styling? This hour will instantly change that. Already a talented titavator?! Let’s double the magic with the power of two sets of eyes - No matter your experience or confidence levels, I can help to elevate your spaces. I live for doing this! 

What makes this hour truly splendid is that it’s tailored completely around you - a bespoke service from minute one. Not interested in why we put things where we do? That’s fine! Want to soak up all the tips? You’ll leave with a raft of them! I adapt fully to what you want from the session -If you’ve no idea what you want from it then I’ll guide you, it’s accessible to all - no matter where you’re up to in your decorating journey you can benefit fully from this fun and inspiring masterclass. 

PREP - How to get the best from your power hour 

To get the best out of your power hour I’d love you to do the following:

  • Fill in a quick (optional) questionnaire before hand 
  • Send me photos of the area/s you want to look at styling 
  • Write down any questions/ styling conundrums you’d like addressing 
  • Make sure your laptop/ phone is fully charged and has connection in the space 

A standard session usually focuses on one area in your home - but depending on how quickly we work we can move to another - as I say - each session is completely tailored around you. We’ll keep going till your hour is up! 

Here’s some inspo for how you could spend your hour 

  • Giving your fireplace the wow factor 
  • Re-styling some shelves in your home
  • Working out the best use of space in an area in your home
  • Looking at an entire room and seeing how we can pull It together and style it as a whole
  • Fixing any areas that don’t work for you - the ones that niggle you - I’m here to bring solutions and inspiration
  • New home inspiration - just moved in? Let’s get you going! 
  • Moving out? Lets get you de-cluttered! 

Please don’t worry about making your home spic and span for our session, I fully encourage homes to be lived in, there is zero expectation or judgement here!

Are you ready to give it a whirl? Zero commitment required - just an hour needed - it’s a no brainer!  

Be the first to know when the next available slots go live and experience your game changing Power Hour - register your interest by emailing me at echo_designs@hotmail.co.uk and secure the fabulous introductory price of £40 for when you book. A tiny investment for such huge reward!

Limited Availability. 

I hope you’re as eager as me to get going but If you have any questions, pop me an email over at echo_designs@hotmail.co.uk or message me via my Instagram page echo_the_shop or echodesignsuk

I cannot wait to chat to you and get you feeling creative and excited about your home. I promise you it’ll be great! 

Take Action! 

Buy your session online - I’ll then email you with a short questionnaire to fill in (optionals) and available session times and you can take your pick. I’ll always be as flexible as I can so it will always work for you. You going away happy is my aim! 

What they said…

‘Liz is an absolute joy I want her to decorate my whole house! We did so much in our first hour I couldn’t believe it as I wasn’t sure what to expect. It far exceeded my expectations and it was so much fun, the hour flew - you’ll be pleased to know I did the book trick on my office shelf at work and so many people have noticed!’ - Katie - Stratford - Upon - Avon

I literally rely on Liz every time I do up a room to style it up for me - I’m her arms as she guides me on where to put my stuff - it’s bizarre the difference such little changes make - I moved half my house round after our FaceTime I was so buzzed! - Sarah - Manchester 

I just wanted to thank you for my Styling call, I absolutely love my new mantel and shelves. I was a bit nervous as as you know I wasn’t really sure what I wanted I just knew I wanted it to look better but I don’t like too much stuff. You totally got me and I loved the styling tips you shared, I’m doing my daughters bedroom next and feel quite confident about doing it now - even my husband really likes the mantel! - Gemma - York 

RIGHT LADY - how do you know so much about this shizzle?! I honestly thought you were bonkers talking about dangling plants but my bedroom looks so good I’m fully on board with PROPORTIONS - WHO EVEN AM I!! You’re amazing I love you and I want you to style my entire life for me. I’ve told my friends they need to book a call and I’m buying one of them a call for her birthday - Feel like a super stylist myself now talking about gaps between things - NEUTRAL SPACE (see I was paying attention!) - Kay - Huddersfield