Faux Beautiful - how to style with faux - a day out with Urban Splash August 08 2022, 0 Comments

Would you like to fill these beautiful Jennifer Newman planters with faux asked Urban Splash?
Er - YES PLEASE! yelled I surrounded by a room full of faux greenery - my absolute go to for styling. Gone are the days where faux connotates images of awful garish cheap plastic. The faux world now is as advanced as the latest Nasa Spacesuit. 

The variations in colour, attention to detailing and beautiful lifelike textures have me convinced that even Alan Titchmarsh would struggle to tell them from the real thing.
Walking on to the Urban Splash sight was a bit like visiting a nature reserve - the canal just yards away offering the gentle soothing sound only water can offer and the greenery outlining each property I knew I wanted to blend the faux in with its natural surroundings.

I chose a pallet of varying greens to keep it realistic looking but also blended. I chose a variety of plants to keep it interesting - the great thing about working with faux is that you're not tied to the seasons so you can have some fun experimenting with different combinations of plant.
I based my design around two focal pieces - a large fern and a contrasting grass plant, they added the height that I wanted and created my basic structure. I then worked around those pieces with a variety of leafy varieties including monstera, fern , grasses and ivy. It's important to have a variety of textures, heights and colour variations just like the real thing would be. 

Real plants aren't uniform and symmetrical so I tried to echo the slightly wild nature of real plants so didn't restrict myself too much whilst arranging them. The finishing touches were the hanging springereli and Ivy. I love a hanging plant but chose a mid length one so as not to detract from the planters which are the real show stoppers. I weighted the planters with limestone then created a thick layer of oasis to keep everything in place once positioned-
Faux comes on really versatile bendy stems so you can easily manipulate them in to place. I then topped the planters with real soil to complete the look and make it all the more realistic. I'm thrilled with the results and have positioned them at the end of the decking which leads the way into the communal gardens - an amazing concept offering residents bottomless access to greenery and the wonderful surroundings. 

Real Homes bathroom feature August 08 2022, 0 Comments

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The most shocking decor decision I ever made May 12 2022, 0 Comments

When I say pink, we’re not talking subtle, pretty, ever so classy dusky pink, we’re talking outlandish, close your eyes and you’d still see it,  LOOK AT ME pink! The pop concert of decor if you will. As you can imagine my husband was DELIGHTED with this terribly masculine choice - but it was my turn to pick and pick I did! 

6 easy steps to create your perfect picture wall August 21 2019, 2 Comments

6 easy steps to create the perfect picture wall

A match made in tile heaven February 15 2019, 0 Comments

We can all pull this off can't we? Green is the new magnolia.... its from nature so really it's a blender... AND people will walk in to your house and probably collapse with its beauty. Thats my intention, I want people fainting in awe at my room, this is the one. 

New for 2018 January 02 2018, 0 Comments

Happy new year! I hope you’re all sufficiently caloried up for the year - I know I certainly am. I don’t get a chance to blog much as I tend to babble my way through on instagram (echodesignsuk) my favourite social media platform, but I thought I’d pop a bit of babble here for a change.

2018 is set to be a stylish haven here at echo - well that is my intention at least… Strong on typography, hints of metallic and a real emphasis on texture to build up a pallet of variation in your homes whilst keeping it super stylish and clean so your key pieces can do the talking. Botanical beauty will continue to feature  - watch this space for good as real faux, a touch of glass and lots of bold monochrome to really pop your space. I’ve been trawling suppliers to find the most beautiful items to grace your homes so expect lots of new additions on the site over January. 

Thanks for reading! 

Liz x 


7 instant styling tips for added wow in your home March 09 2017, 11 Comments

Good day! So... I'm often asked if I'm an interior designer ( BLUSH!) and I'm known for handing out tips to customers on a regular basis (when they ask of course - I don't just plod on over in my jimmy choo's) on ideas for giving their lounge a boost or their downstair loo some added pezaz (I don't think that's an actual word but lets keep it shall we... yes) 

SO... I've put together a list of tips inspired by how I've styled my own home which I hope will help you to add the zing you desire with minimal effort and spend. I'd ADORE (capitals because I really mean it) to hear if they work for you and if you send me a photo, I will plonk myself on the couch with wine and applaud your excellent work, so lets begin shall we... 

1. Create a scene 

When I say scene, I really mean little vignettes. It can be a bit daunting to attack a whole room so start with a small corner, or a shelf. Now lets make it beautiful. I like to cluster objects together to create a little picture or tell a little story. Try and stick to objects of a similar colour pallet OR objects of the same style to keep the look unified. Arrange objects to your liking and try and avoid too much symmetry so it looks natural rather than contrived. 

Stick to the same colour pallet for unity

2. Get creative with wallpaper and wrapping paper

These are your secret weapons! Next time you're out shopping and you see some gorgeous good quality paper pop it in your basket. Paper can be used to transform the backs of shelves, dressers and the inside of glass cabinets to keep clutter hidden. You can even frame pretty pieces as a collection to create a feature wall. 

Wallpaper on the cupboard doors hide a host of toiletrieswallpaper sits on the shelf for an added touch of pretty

3. Add foliage

It's incredible the impact a snip of greenery can do to a space - cut 3 sprigs from your garden and pop them in 3 separate glasses/ bottles for an instant style boost. Faux foliage is also my new best friend - I've just ordered some eucalyptus from Tilly and Sage (find them in Instagram) which I can't wait to receive as it looks so real! 

Greenery adds an instant hit of stylewhite gypsy is another flower I can't get enough off

4.Nail a feature Wall

Many people tell me they are too scared to start one for fear it won't look right, but I promise once you've popped that first nail in you won't look back. Try laying out your haul on the floor first arranging it so it looks right then take a photo and re create on your wall. Try and keep hanging heights different rather than level. Again, follow the odd numbers rule. 

A little array of nautical themed objects in my summer house

5. Play around with height and layering

Different levels keeps things interesting! Also, don't be afraid to overlap and pop things in the background, as long as you stick to a theme or colour pallet you can't go far wrong. 

layered pictures and a large eucalyptus sprig for height

6. turn books and magazines back to front 

It may sound a bit bonkers but after seeing it in a boutique hotel I recently stayed at I've caught the bug! Tie with string or lace for added charm and use as a mini shelf in one of your vignettes - instant style points for minimal effort!

turn books around and make a mini shelf

7. Light a candle

It may sound obvious but I can go weeks without doing so and when I do I think 'why did I not do this sooner? It makes everything look prettier and creates an ambience that money can't buy (except for the cost of the candle of course) 

white gypsy is another flower I can't get enough off

I was going to do 10 tips but I fear you my have dropped off your sofa mid snooze so I'll save my next lot of babbling for my next post! I hope this puts you in full titivating mood, so grab a tray, de robe a shelf and get re arranging! 

Goodness - Did I forget to blog (again?!) January 04 2017, 4 Comments

New Year, New Start, New resolution to TALK TO YOU!!! 

Let's just ignore the fact that it's been a while and start as I mean to go on - a couple of blogs a month AT LEAST - said out loud so I must make it happen - I loose hours to creating (which actually equates to twiddling around of which I am an actual expert) but new time shall be spent babbling. That I also happen to be rather fond of. 

Well, it's been a fabulous start to the year for little old echo designs - Christmas saw unprecedented sales for me and I don't mind telling you (actually DYING to tell you) that my humble wares decorated the very lovely Fearne Cotton's beautiful London home, I mean - fancy flipping that! I did several happy dances and nearly toppled over when I saw she had instagrammed my Christmas plaque. Other highlights included being asked if Style at Home magazine can use my image in their Valentines Special this Feb (er YES I think that would be ok with me!! so look out for that one coming soon - I feel an entire blog entry should be spent just on this when it launches :-) AND as things come in threes - a brand new little proud moment came just yesterday when one of my favourite girl bosses ordered a print to go on the wall of her incredible empire - Creator of children's clothing brand Fred and Noah. That will do nicely thank you kindly! 

Aside from all of the above I've been indulging my love of monochrome - sleek; pared back modern design featuring uber stylish typography. I metaphorically tredded the earth for a font I actually want to marry and have made that the focus of my newest print which I'm happy to say has been going down a storm. What do you think?!

(See special offer for all email subscribers and blog readers to buy 2 get one free) 

Inspiration came in the form of de chintzing my dresser with floral pottery and instead filling it with monochrome and rustic style homewares (see photo for my finished result.) After a couple of titivating days (reshuffling candles, straightening tilted plates) I had a cha ching moment when I realised it needed some eye catching typography so I made a couple of prints and the rest is 2 day old history. As it happens people - its practically live! 

Anyway I hope you like my dresser... 

 ...and I hope you like the prints which I'll subtley add can say anything at all because they are completely personalised for you) and I pinky promise (sorry - I own a 5 year old) that I will blog again very soon. I'm going to bore you senseless with my home interior tales and favourite things as often as my roving brain allows. For now, I'll wish you the woppingist of happy new years, I hope its full of merriment, long hot baths and typography, Liz x :-) 

Happy New Year! January 13 2016, 0 Comments

I know I know - I was supposed to be brilliant and blog every week with witty words that would leave you chuckling in your coffee and eagerly anticipating my next post... alas, a little thing got in the way I HAD A BABY - not like an epiphany or a creative idea or a pet - an actual child - he crys and drinks milk and everything. So I hope you can forgive my lack of me (remember me? *sobs) .... Anyway to say I'm back with a bang would be a little bit of a fib, I'm still on maternity leave and using my come back to work days to keep in touch and prop up the order book along with some very much appreciated help to keep me ticking over whilst I'm cooing to my babe in arms (read; frantically rocking him to GET HIM TO SLEEP DEAR GOD) SO... thank you for bearing with me (you are bearing aren't you?) and for keeping my little team so busy and my business thriving, I appreciate it more than you could ever realise. I'm itching to get back to it, but also treasuring the time I have with my little boy as I know how quickly they grow up - my four year was only 2 like a week ago... so.... I'll be back soon with tons of new things, a whole new lease of life and bags under my eyes xxx

Did someone say rustic wedding? June 24 2015, 0 Comments

Oh I do love a good wedding, I almost want to get divorced just so I can get remarried  - I'd even remarry my husband-  I’d just rather like the opportunity to design my day all over again. Fortunately for my husband (I think) my itch is scratched by making things for other brides (you see I'm sometimes quite a nice person as well as an excellent wife.) Being a small part of other people's big day is - quite sincerely, terribly exciting, I don't mind telling you I feel rather privileged each time. So for now my husband can hang fire with the divorce papers, and I'll happily stamp a little part of me on other people's day when they’re kind enough to let me. 


These are a few of my favourite things June 10 2015, 0 Comments

beautiful lace, old keys, vintage style hearts, dried lavender, pearls... So when I had itchy feet recently it was of no surprise that I used all of these in abundance in a picture for.... Me! Believe it or not I rarely get the time to make myself something and really I didn't have the time on this occasion but sometimes you have to appease your creative brain and do what it wants to do - it can be very forceful when it wants to be you know... And with a house full of dust (renovations NOT lazy me she hurriedly explains) I needed to readdress the pretty balance thus my vintage love story box frame was born. If I was feeling a bit showy I'd run in in a cocktail dress yelling 'ta dah' however the cats would judge me so I'll remain subtly dignified with a shy 'here it is' - :-)

Life is a beach June 03 2015, 0 Comments

renovations are full swing in our house at the moment, amongst other things we are having our modest back yard renovated to include a summer house... Just the words make me tingle with excitement, my mind is already on overdrive thinking of how to dress it... I don't live anywhere near the sea but my summer house will behave as though I do; I'm thinking bunting, beachy inspired plaques, nautical colours, wooden hearts... I blame my recent holiday to Norfolk for overpowering my mind with beach hut beauty. It's not all plain sailing though, we have a lot of dirt and clearing up to do before the dream is realised, so for now it shall remain in my head until I'm let loose like a dog in the sea. I may actually find time to make this vast array of ideas in my head!