Styling your Business


Does your business space reflect your brilliant business? Does your cafe leave people gazing whimsically at your wonderful choice of decor? If the answer is no it's time to take action. If your business space has been pulled together by a quick trip to Ikea with a plant and generic picture of the Eiffel Tower it's time to re-think! 

The spaces we work in should be a true representation of our business - they should be an inspiring space. If clients and customers are walking through the door our aim should be to impress them - to make them feel the great vibes we want to give off - our services and our location should leave them feeling inspired, we want them to comment on how great the space is - it all adds to the overall impression we'll leave with them. 


Even if customers don't actually visit the space it's likely that it will be featured on social media in some capacity so at least some part of it needs to have the X factor - or at the very least, not the drab factor! 

Don't get me wrong - I love a bit of Ikea - but if you're dripping from head to toe in mass produced Swedish goods it's rather like decorating by numbers - it's uninspired generic and boring - not the impression to give your customers. 

I can help to reinspire your space (and the chances are I can incorporate what you've already got - even your faux Ikea plant! )

I'll also add pezaz and charm - let me style space to look the best it can be. I know I can make it look amazing! 


There is no set path... I adapt my package to suit your needs - whether its sourcing furniture, finding those all important decorative pieces to pull a look together or a full room transformation I literally work around your needs to make your space something to be proud of.

I will ask you to send me photos of the space/s you want me to work on and an idea of what you want so I can get a clear idea of what you like (if you know - if you don't thats also fine - this is just my starting point) so I can try and find your style aesthetic and pallet preferences. You can stick me in a room and I can do a full transformation or you can get me doing feature walls around your house wherever you fancy, my greatest skill is styling your space and taking it to the next level. 


If you're relatively near, I can visit your property - although please be aware this isn't always possible. I have to balance my styling days around the rest of my business so I'm only able to take on a number of location visits and I have to assess distance before committing to these. I'm based in Stockport - SK6 - if you're under an hour away I'll always do my best to arrange a location visit - but don't worry if we're at opposite ends of the country - I also offer an online service. 


Interested? Pop me a message over and let's get your business space looking as fabulous as your business is.