echo the shop

2020 - the year the world went mad and I followed suit opening my very own bricks and mortar shop in Romiley Village! 

Actually... it was one of the best things I've ever done - a haven of all things home and a chance to meet you - my lovely customers. 

It was a bumpy start with lockdown ensuing just 6 weeks after opening but from 1st April 2021 I was able to open continuously and loved every minute of having my own shop front. 


Fast forward to June 2023 and the universe gave me a strong message in the form of a flood and a requirement for the building I had housed my business in to close for months to attempt some much needed structural work. 

After a frantic week - and a few tears I knew I needed a new solution and a new base - quickly! I was devoted to my business and the trauma of this week only cemented my deep desire to protect it at every cost! 

I looked for a new shop unit but nothing delivered and I know that the next step of echo in shop form will involve a big investment as I have big ideas! I also know that parking is essential and a place with great footfall is required. With retail in a tricky time and the world in a shared 'tightening their belts' stage I decided that the next step will have to happen in its own good time. 

So - instead I've opened up a studio shop in my own house! I'm fortunate that we already had a gorgeous Summer House in the garden that is the perfect space to host it. In less than a week it became my new echo haven and I'm absolutely loving my new boutique! 

Minutes from the old shop my customers have been wonderful still visiting me at the studio shop. If you'd like to book a visit simply pop me a message over. The wonderful thing about being at home is that I can be so much more flexible and you can shop whenever you wish!

They say everything happens for a reason and whilst the flood especially was a horrible moment I do believe that the universe is looking out for me and this was meant to be. 


The echo Studio Shop which opened in July 2023

To book a visit simply message me via any of my social media channels or email me at 

My first venture into bricks and mortar! 

echo the shop ran from October 2020 - June 2023