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Create a keepsake featuring your wedding bouquet which you can treasure for years to come. A truly unique way to use your blooms! 

I only have limited slots available for these as they take a long time to make and I want to give them the time and attention they deserve so if you want to go ahead please email me at to check availability.  (Website will always say Sold out as I book these separately so don't be deterred, just pop me an email over if you are interested.) 

All frames will follow the same structure – a circular design of your flowers around hand stamped text.

Text options are
‘date: the day we said I do’ OR
‘Mr and Mrs ‘insert’ – date. OR
words of your choice of a similar length.

Every design will vary depending on the size and density of your blooms so expect something completely unique – just like your wedding bouquet. I have no set plan, I just play until it works. This formula has always worked for me so I hope you trust me to create the very best work I can.

I will select the flowers that work the best for the design, on average I tend to use 50-75% of your flowers depending on size, picking and choosing as I go to produce the prettiest piece I can. Its always useful to have back up flowers if you have a spare bridesmaids bouquet or button holes but this isn’t essential especially if you have a good sized bunch to start with and they have dried well.

I always like to include your original ribbon/ lace and any trinkets in the design if it works and condition allow, otherwise I will match it with my own as best as I can. For this reason its really useful for me if you can send through a couple of pictures of your flowers in full bloom from the day and a couple of snaps of your wedding so I can get a feel for the style and look of your day and incorporate that feel in to your design.

What to do with your flowers:
After your big day, I ask you to dry out your flowers before sending them to me. It is essential that you get them out of water as soon as possible after your wedding, it’s rare that wet oasis is used in bouquets these days but if yours is – remove it immediately afterwards! They need to be kept as dry as possible for the best results. A boiler or dry cellar is ideal to dry them in– and hanging them upside down works best.

Official drying out advise is:
Gather the flowers in a bunch and secure the stems with a rubber band. Hang upside down in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight, like from kitchen rafters or in an empty closet. Watch the petals shrink and change color, and within a few weeks you'll have beautiful dried flowers in vintage hues.

I would suggest approximately 2 - 3 weeks for this process although you will be able to see them drying out and gage it yourself – some flowers may take longer. If you’re going on honeymoon you don’t need to worry about sending them until afterwards and it doesn’t matter how long after the 2 weeks you wait to send them – I’ve worked on bouquets months old and it makes no difference to the quality – if anything, the drier the better so anything after 2 weeks is a good thing.

Getting your flowers to me:
If you’re local to my studio (Romiley, SK6) drop off and collection of your bouquet and collection of your finished frame is ideal. If we aren’t geographically close, it is your responsibility and your cost to post your flowers to me. I would suggest a box with your flowers carefully packaged with not too much space for them to move around but not so tight that they squish one another. Bubble wrap is ideal to protect them. I will let you know as soon as they arrive and confirm their state! I’ve had many successful deliveries through the post and so far, no flowers have been lost! But don’t worry, if we loose the odd one, as I mentioned previously I only use approximately 25% of your flowers so can pick and choose the best ones for the job.

Your completed framed picture is £68.00 This includes a 10x10 white box frame. If you’re posting your flowers to me I won’t take payment from you until I have received your flowers and confirm that they are in a useable condition. If you are dropping them off in person, cash on drop off is ideal, or I can accept a paypal friends and family payment. Please note I cannot start any orders until full payment has been received.

Delivery of your completed frame is £12.50 within the UK, and £18 for Ireland. I know… not cheap! This is because I send them guaranteed tracked first class delivery. I’m afraid this isn’t negotiable, your blooms are far too precious to risk not being tracked, and I can’t risk them getting lost in the post! This is the actual cost, I don’t make any money – ever on postage (in fact the box and packaging I don’t charge for, just so you know ☺ )
Please note, this is just for delivery of your picture and NOT any left over flowers I don’t use. If you want your left over flowers sending back to you please let me know as this will have to be costed case by case.

What I need from you
Want to go ahead? Lets get you a slot booked – it can be any time after your wedding, at least 2-3 weeks after but if I'm fully booked a later date is no problem - I've worked on bouquets 10 years old so time isn't of the essence! 

I will then need your flowers, confirmed text choice and initials to be used on the frame.

How long will it take?
Please allow approximately 3 weeks. It depends on how many orders I have in – everything at echo designs is handmade by me in my studio so I have to balance orders very carefully! I often get items to you much quicker than my guide, but in busier times it can take longer, I’ll keep you up to date. As previously mentioned until payment is received I cannot start your frame.

How long will my picture last?
Its impossible to commit to them lasting forever (although I truly hope they do!) Working with a live product means I cannot guarantee longevity – but your flowers are dealt with and protected as I go so they should last for years and years – they may continue to age whilst in the frame, but this should only add to the character of your design.

Thank you for your interest I hope you trust me to create you a beautiful picture with your precious blooms! 

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