Christmas Launch day - Saturday 20th October - Physical event at my home in Romiley


Be the first to shop Christmas! 

Your chance to be the first to see and buy my Christmas collection at a lovely Christmasy event happening on Saturday 20th October held at my humble home in Romiley, Stockport SK6 (full address provided after ticket has been ordered) 

Think gorgeous decorations, festive greenery, gifts galore... you will be able to buy everything on the day before I launch it on my website, after many sellouts within 2 hours last year, my hope is that my wonderful customers who have always supported me, get the chance to get what they want! 

I’ll basically be turning my house in to a shop for the day, this makes me tremendously excited! Now due to it being at my house and having so many messages from people wanting to come I obviously need to carefully control the flow of traffic as it were so I’ll be offering a certain amount of tickets each hour throughout the day.

To stop the good intentions of getting a few tickets in case auntie Barbara wants to come but then can’t on the day, I’m charging £3 a ticket - this will come off the cost of anything you buy on the day so essentially it is a FREE event, the £3 is just so people - with the best will in the world don’t over buy tickets and then don’t end up coming when someone else could of had their spot... hope that makes sense.

VERY IMPORTANT - if you are unable to come on the day you will LOOSE your £3 I will be giving this money to charity for any non attenders. 

Now I’m not going to strictly hold you to your precise time slot it’s just a way to make sure 100 people don’t all arrive at once and I have a heart attack and you have a heart attack because you can’t reach the sparkly stuff. So if you can have a rough idea what time you may want to pop over before you buy tickets and stick to that time slot as much as possible I'd be really grateful. 

Due to space this is a strictly adults only event - sorry for any inconvenience it just means I can get as many of you here that want to be here.

Christmas jumpers aren’t compulsory but will be highly encouraged! 

Cash and card payments will be accepted on the day. 

Please - note - only people who have bought a ticket will be able to come on the day so if you're bringing someone with you, they will need a ticket too. This is so I can keep it safe and a lovely shopping experience for you. 

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