January 2015

Being featured in the inspiring blog with the most beautiful name 'rising out of the ocean' was a great moment for me earlier this year, I was indulged with lots of questions about me, my life, my style and my business, I have to say, I very much enjoyed talking about myself! See the full article here:

October 2014

I get to work with some very lovely brides, so it was a real treat when a particularly lovely one told me I'd been mentioned in a blog featuring her beautiful Ibiza wedding. I made all of her favours for her, Wooden hearts featuring a vintage map of Ibiza, see the full beautiful story here:

February 2013 

I've gone national! I was over the moon to have been invited to feature in the issue of the BBC publication of 'Good homes' magazine. The editor contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a feature - of course I jumped at the chance (even though I had to do an 'at work' pose!) Its really helped to spread the echo word - if you're one of my new customers as a result - hello, welcome and thank you so much - I'm delighted to see you :-) 

 Just after I rushed to Asda and bought 6 copies!