Home Styling Service

Struggling with a space in your home? Have you got ideas but feeling a bit lost as to how to make them all come together? 

I may be the girl to help...

I am offering a unique styling service - my aim? To make your space look amazing!


There is no set path... I adapt my package to suit your needs - whether its sourcing furniture, finding those all important decorative pieces to pull a look together or a full room transformation I literally work around your needs to make your home a space you can be proud of. I will ask you to send me photos of the space/s you want me to work on and an idea of what you want so I can get a clear idea of what you like (if you know - if you don't thats also fine - this is just my starting point) so I can try and find your style aesthetic and pallet preferences. You can stick me in a room and I can do a full transformation or you can get me doing feature walls around your house wherever you fancy, my greatest skill is styling your space and taking it to the next level. 


If you're relatively near, I can visit your property - although please be aware this isn't always possible. I have to balance my styling days around the rest of my business so I'm only able to take on a number of location visits and I have to assess distance before committing to these. I'm based in Stockport - SK6 - if you're under an hour away I'll always do my best to arrange a home visit - but don't worry if we're at opposite ends of the country - I also offer an online service. 


These are designed around you and your requirements but usually fall into similar formats to the below: 

Online Service: £60 - 2 hour package: 

Creating your Vision: Pre planning/ Prep/ sourcing/ mood boarding / interpreting your likes and presenting you with ideas and items to achieve this in your home. 

This will result in me recommending items for you to buy, and/ or advice on how to rejig any existing items you may have. 

Home Visit Service: £30 per hour (min 2 hour visit)  

When I'm in your home, I'm literally able to utilise my time so that you get the full value of my expertise. Every home visit I've done has been different but are usually focused around one space. If you have lots of homeware then I can rework and arrange this - or if we've planned before hand for you to buy new items - I can work with these and create you a room worthy of being in a magazine! Please allow within your budget any pre planning time - usually 1 hour is sufficient for me to source before a house visit but I will assess your needs and let you know the planned package before hand. Physical hands on styling is my Unique Selling Point and what I feel gives you your true value for money and wow factor but my resources are fully adaptable and I'm on hand to advise, re work a room or help you with any interiors issues you may have.

Why Me?  

Crucial for you to know is that I have absolutely NO professional qualifications in interior design, everything I know is self taught and in all honesty, based on absolute instinct. I know the interiors rules - percentages that work for colour variations but actually - I work completely and utterly on instinct. I absolutely live, breath and obsess over home interiors! It's my absolute passion, I spend hours pouring over interiors, buying homeware and as a result have become a self titled expert in helping you create a beautiful home. My best advert for this is my instagram account, if you're unsure have a look before you decide whether I may be able to help you. I'm echodesignsuk and this is the platform I use to indulge my love of interiors. I'm an absolute whizz at finding you the items for your home at the best prices - because this is what I spend my time doing every day! 


Cost is £30 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per booking. On average I can completely transform a room including planning and physical styling time within 4 hours but I will always be as accurate as I can in terms of estimates once I've got a jist of exactly what you need or want from me. What you get on top of this is constant thinking time which I do all day every day in getting you the home you want. I process every job and spend hours uncharged making notes and planning things that you may like so I can do the very best job I can for you. 

Home visits will mean an additional travelling/ petrol fee which will be given per job. 

Cost is for my time and doesn't include any of the items you may buy as a result of my service. To get the best out of my service I would advise a budget for your room on top of my costs. 

If you haven't got the budget for a home visit right now, have a look at my home styling workshop option - you come to me and I teach you all the tricks you'll need to transform your home.