The most shocking decor decision I ever made May 12 2022, 0 Comments

 As a girl obsessed with a fairly neutral soft colour pallet in my home you may be surprised to know that when it comes to outside decor, I’m a lot braver - perhaps this is where my wild side breaks through and the inner me just bursts on out because inside I’m a full on Smash Hits concert with some spectacular dance routines going on… 

With that in mind I’d like to introduce you to my pink front door… and we’re not talking subtle, pretty, ever so classy dusky pink, we’re talking outlandish, close your eyes and you’d still see it,  LOOK AT ME pink! The pop concert of decor if you will. As you can imagine my husband was DELIGHTED with this terribly masculine choice - but it was my turn to pick and pick I did! 

For those wishing to bypass this colour choice for life it’s Farrow and Ball Rangwali (they had me at ‘an exotic and adventurous pink’) and I wouldn’t dream of using it in my house, but outside I appear to have different rules. I love that it’s bold, and that even in the often rain it’s like a big hug coming home. I’ve committed to the look and added pink flowers in pots and baskets to frame it - like with anything when it comes to styling, one thing on its own can look a bit accidental, link it with other details and you have a LEWK. 

On reflection I think if I had to look at it all the time it might annoy me with it’s neediness for attention and lack of subtlety which is why my interior is on a much calmer spectrum, but for those brisk in’s and out each day that pop of colour brings me a pop of joy. (Marie Kondu was my idol for 3 days so this is my benchmark.) 

The inside is much calmer with a soft pink door

Inside is a lot calmer with a pale pink door 


I’ll leave you with a message I received from one of my customers who passed by and said her little girl age 7 had made her stop to admire it and declared that when she was grew up she was going to have a front door just like it. Also, my friend nearly crashed when she drove past it for the first time. With this in mind I think my magnificent contribution to the world of front doors is done.