Goodness - Did I forget to blog (again?!) January 04 2017, 4 Comments

New Year, New Start, New resolution to TALK TO YOU!!! 

Let's just ignore the fact that it's been a while and start as I mean to go on - a couple of blogs a month AT LEAST - said out loud so I must make it happen - I loose hours to creating (which actually equates to twiddling around of which I am an actual expert) but new time shall be spent babbling. That I also happen to be rather fond of. 

Well, it's been a fabulous start to the year for little old echo designs - Christmas saw unprecedented sales for me and I don't mind telling you (actually DYING to tell you) that my humble wares decorated the very lovely Fearne Cotton's beautiful London home, I mean - fancy flipping that! I did several happy dances and nearly toppled over when I saw she had instagrammed my Christmas plaque. Other highlights included being asked if Style at Home magazine can use my image in their Valentines Special this Feb (er YES I think that would be ok with me!! so look out for that one coming soon - I feel an entire blog entry should be spent just on this when it launches :-) AND as things come in threes - a brand new little proud moment came just yesterday when one of my favourite girl bosses ordered a print to go on the wall of her incredible empire - Creator of children's clothing brand Fred and Noah. That will do nicely thank you kindly! 

Aside from all of the above I've been indulging my love of monochrome - sleek; pared back modern design featuring uber stylish typography. I metaphorically tredded the earth for a font I actually want to marry and have made that the focus of my newest print which I'm happy to say has been going down a storm. What do you think?!

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Inspiration came in the form of de chintzing my dresser with floral pottery and instead filling it with monochrome and rustic style homewares (see photo for my finished result.) After a couple of titivating days (reshuffling candles, straightening tilted plates) I had a cha ching moment when I realised it needed some eye catching typography so I made a couple of prints and the rest is 2 day old history. As it happens people - its practically live! 

Anyway I hope you like my dresser... 

 ...and I hope you like the prints which I'll subtley add can say anything at all because they are completely personalised for you) and I pinky promise (sorry - I own a 5 year old) that I will blog again very soon. I'm going to bore you senseless with my home interior tales and favourite things as often as my roving brain allows. For now, I'll wish you the woppingist of happy new years, I hope its full of merriment, long hot baths and typography, Liz x :-)