A match made in tile heaven February 15 2019, 0 Comments

I'm in a very lucky position in that sometimes companies ask to work with me, most of the time I'll graciously pass as my ethos remains the same as to the day I started - I only sell things or offer things or show things that I would have in my own home. With that in mind let me show you some rather special tiles. 

Have you heard of Victoria Baths in Manchester? More importantly have you SEEN this incredible place? I'll just let you swoon over this photo for a moment- I know I know, it is isn't it? 

I was lucky enough to see my friend get married there IN A POOL! The photos blew my socks off. 

You may have spotted it in on Cold Feet or Peaky Blinders... ( I didn't - I was too busy playing candy crush - I miss all the good bits) 

Anyway - showbiz and friends weddings aside it is just a completely BEAUTIFUL place - it's like going back in time - full of soul and atmosphere, it may make you want to pop a corset on. 

If you've followed me for any amount of time you'll know my obsession with home interiors is... well nothing less than an obsession! So I feel rather proud that I can now tell you about what Tile Giant are up to... I think you'll like it.

They have launched 50 new tiles varying in six different sizes and styles, spanning across seven primary colour schemes so you can recreate the beauty of the baths in YOUR BATH! (Or anywhere - do the inside of your car if you fancy that would be novel wouldn't it...)  This is all very gorgeous - but the icing on the cake for me is that for every tile sold Tile Giant have guaranteed a contribution to Victoria Baths Trust to keep the doors of this stunning building open to the public. So pop it on your ' I must visit this place' list because really - you SHOULD visit this place! 

200x200 Wall tile Irons Works decor

This one really jumped out at me - a really earthy natural pallet but oozing character - I've styled it with really rustic pieces and pale greens. I think it's gorgeous. If it was soft I'd sleep on it. 

Crackle bevel vintage green tile

Dear head of the world - Madonna / Obama / Oprah... When I grow up please can I have a kitchen like this?

GREEN? shouts old safe younger me? YES GREEN shouts assertive incredibly stylish and just the right thinness me that pops up in my dreams... I can pull this off! 

Actually - we can all pull this off can't we? Green is the new magnolia.... it's from nature so really it's a blender... AND people will walk in to your house and probably collapse with its beauty. Thats my intention, I want people fainting in awe at my room, I've enough cushions to soften the blow; this is the one. 

field black tile 

Black. 50% of my favourite combo; black and white. So cool it gets its own title; monochrome. Its just lush isn't it? Effortlessly stylish (ode to Chanel) - cool - sleek - goes with everything - matches most of our outfits... now I confess I was in the camp that thought black was black and really there wasn't much variation in it - but I can only describe this tile as an inky black - its slightly softer than say... the dark. If there could be a vintage black this is it. So it's probably what Chanel would have picked (disclaimer - I didn't know Chanel I'm just reading her mind). I really really really want to put these in my bathroom - just working on the husband. Pray for me.

 crackled bevel peacock cameo

They've put them on the wrong way cried nana.... nooooo nana - this is how it's supposed to look! As super stylish thin me from my dreams would know because she visits swanky Soho bars, celebrity filled haunts and isn't afraid of breaking traditional styling concepts featuring items called PEACOCK. I mean - we all want to have an exotic name like Peacock don't we... don't we?! 

Looking at different ways of styling ANYTHING is ridiculously exciting to me - so I'm full on standing on a chair applauding this, don't get me started on diagonal arrangements... Really you can pop them on any way you fancy, cover a whole wall, a bit of a wall, mix them, match them, colour pop them with strong colours, blend them with a similar pallet - you can basically match them to your personality and your space  however you wish, because we're all different aren't we? and we all like different things. I hate jaffa cakes, bet you like them don't you? Is it a biscuit? Is it a cake? Just a bit confusing - it needs an identity and I don't like soft biscuits - they need a crunch. 

Regardless of how you'd do it, looking at different ways of doing it is a lovely inspiring way to spend a bru break, so if you fancy a little mooch at the new range here it is, 50's style hairstyle optional, teapot and cup and saucer preferred, biscuit to dunk non negotiable (just make sure it's not a jaffa cake) 


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