Happy New Year! January 13 2016, 0 Comments

I know I know - I was supposed to be brilliant and blog every week with witty words that would leave you chuckling in your coffee and eagerly anticipating my next post... alas, a little thing got in the way I HAD A BABY - not like an epiphany or a creative idea or a pet - an actual child - he crys and drinks milk and everything. So I hope you can forgive my lack of me (remember me? *sobs) .... Anyway to say I'm back with a bang would be a little bit of a fib, I'm still on maternity leave and using my come back to work days to keep in touch and prop up the order book along with some very much appreciated help to keep me ticking over whilst I'm cooing to my babe in arms (read; frantically rocking him to GET HIM TO SLEEP DEAR GOD) SO... thank you for bearing with me (you are bearing aren't you?) and for keeping my little team so busy and my business thriving, I appreciate it more than you could ever realise. I'm itching to get back to it, but also treasuring the time I have with my little boy as I know how quickly they grow up - my four year was only 2 like a week ago... so.... I'll be back soon with tons of new things, a whole new lease of life and bags under my eyes xxx