the good thing about having a cough May 20 2015, 0 Comments

There are many amazing reasons why I love working from home. The obvious ones of course - no commute, being my own boss, not having a boss, and not having to work out what mood boss is in today; listening to radio 2 and  working to my own timeframe (often well in to the night but with the added bonus of doing so in my lounge whilst watching The Walking Dead - current TV obsession!) But... (sorry to start a sentence with but - I know its frowned upon) BUT... it's the little things... there really is something in that phrase - its the many little things that add up to - well put simply, a happy life.

Wednesday is my first full working day of the week - I do a lot on a Monday, but its revolved around my daughter, her half day childcare and after hours working so its a bit of a jerky, start stop working day. Wednesday is my first full day alone in my studio where real progress is made. This morning I woke up with a hacking cough that has been threatening since Sunday. Immune system is poor being 26 weeks pregnant, and the house is full of dust mid house renovation so it was of no shock but a bit grotty all the same. However - I've woken up feeling incredibly positive - isn't it strange! The cough woke me up early - really early so I'm down in my studio at 7.30am - a good hour and a half earlier than normal - I don't need to look wonderful for work - on my studio days I don't wear a stitch (of makeup) as anybody who has collected an order from me on these days will testify to - sometimes I'll even wear pyjamas - I don't mind that you know that - its one of the pro's! However I don't want to scare off the builders so clothes are on today :-)

BUT (she does it again - and now she's referring to herself in the third person golly) the biggest loveliest thing that ALMOST makes me sway to being a morning person (which I hesitate to add I'm physically unprogrammed to be) was the bonus cuddles with my little girl this morning. You see usually on a Wednesday my husband will have taken her early doors to childcare on his way to work long before I have risen, but today, mid hack, I got an excited visit which has literally made my day, made me feel positive, and - dramatic warning- a little bit inspired by life. I feel reflective, incredibly grateful and appreciative of the little things. I am sat doing a job I absolutely adore, overwhelmed in the most positive way with orders which I'm itching to get going on, a thousand new ideas in my head, a messy desk full of pretty things and a full day ahead to indulge the creative calling which fulfils me in a way my hectic job in the media never did. 

Radio 2 is on, and as though some mysterious stars have aligned - or my senses have opened, Baz Luhrman 'Sunsceen' is on and its as though I'm hearing the lyrics for the first time and they are resonating in such a powerful  way I almost feel embarrassed! (makes note to print of the lyrics and read them everyday), and with it a realisation that the little things are actually the big things - I know we have all heard that before, but today I understand it and feel it with much intensity and gratitude. 

Happy day people. I'll leave you with one of Les Crave's more poignant lines (the writer of the poem behind Baz Luhrman's Sunscreen) Whatever you do, don't Congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either.
Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's.