These are a few of my favourite things June 10 2015, 0 Comments

beautiful lace, old keys, vintage style hearts, dried lavender, pearls... So when I had itchy feet recently it was of no surprise that I used all of these in abundance in a picture for.... Me! Believe it or not I rarely get the time to make myself something and really I didn't have the time on this occasion but sometimes you have to appease your creative brain and do what it wants to do - it can be very forceful when it wants to be you know... And with a house full of dust (renovations NOT lazy me she hurriedly explains) I needed to readdress the pretty balance thus my vintage love story box frame was born. If I was feeling a bit showy I'd run in in a cocktail dress yelling 'ta dah' however the cats would judge me so I'll remain subtly dignified with a shy 'here it is' - :-)