Treasure your bouquet forever May 27 2015, 0 Comments

thank goodness for trusting customers! I was delighted to make lots of rustic goodies for a particularly lovely brides big day, an easy job as it turned out we have identical taste. 2 weeks after her big day she asked whether I could do anything with her bouquet which she couldn't bear to discard.... I said yes, she dropped off said blooms and I stared at them for a week before daring to touch them let alone chop them! Then in a brave moment I lost all inhibition and chopped them to pieces and happily 'went with the flow' - (my creative process if you will - I hadn't planned what it would look like, I very rarely do, I just kind of play around until I think it's worked.) Fortunately, my like minded bride loved the result (phew) and I have a new addition to my range and bookings throughout June, July, August and September for many other trusting brides! Isn't it funny how some things work out... Unplanned is often the right way to go!