Must try harder... May 13 2015, 0 Comments

must try harder... to blog more! It's just so hard when there are oodles of pretty things to be made and I have to keep up with my new 'flavours of the month' - current new obsessions include toadstools and clouds, you may have noticed a couple of items added to my range influenced by this current fad - and I expect more on the way! I've also launched a Father's Day collection AND a selection of thank you gifts for teachers so you see, my head isn't completely in the clouds....! Working in my studio is one of my favourite things to do, especially as we are having some work done to the house, in my studio I can forget the dust and drilling and plan exactly where I can pop all these cloud and toadstools I'm planning to make as I don't mind telling you, the best thing about my job is keeping the samples I make... Every cloud :-) thank you for your continued loveliness, blush inducing reviews and of course purchases - every single one is so appreciated x