Out with the old... December 29 2014, 0 Comments

Are you all full to the brim with brussell sprouts?! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, doesn't it go quickly? - all that preparation and its over before you know it. I'm now in full focus for 2015 and all the new items I'm intending to develop for echo. Its been a whirlwind month for me here, as well as housing 2 new cats, having 2 full on family Christmas's at my humble abode I left the day job at ITV so I can give my full focus to echo - living the dream! Can't quite believe I've taken the plunge, but thanks to your incredible support and custom, I can - and I have! So... look out for some lovely new items, lots more whittery blog posts (don't weep...) and hopefully a lot of lovely offers and exciting things in the pipeline... my studio has had a little makeover (once I've tidied it up I'll pop a piccie up - don't want you thinking I'm a messy so and so - which I am - just don't want you knowing about it.... !) Anyway... a heartfelt happy new year to you all, I hope 2015 sees you following your dreams and I thank you from the bottom of my crafty heart for allowing me to follow mine, I hope I can tempt you back in the new year, Liz xx