Christmas - there I said it! September 25 2014, 1 Comment

Christmas is here and I don't care who knows it!! Overwhelmed with orders and over the christmas pudding moon to be so - it seems you all love sparkly things too! My studio is stacked high to the rafters with plaques waiting to be painted, and reels of sting to thread - and my stamps are on speed drive; there also appears to be a mini baby boom! My best seller this month alongside Christmas items is baby plaques and pictures - very useful to know for your next pub quiz :-) and your favourite Christmas Item? Delighted to say its my brand new 'letter to Santa' plaque which I designed in June and have been bursting to show you since then! I think its the appeal of the vintage stamp... so obsessed am I with these, I've just purchased wallpaper with stamps all over it - if I can ever organise putting the flipping stuff on the wall I'll show you..... anyway, must dash, time to watch Elf (its NEVER too early) :-)

Ps - you have whizzed me right over 300 sales on my new website - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!