The season that sharn't be named... August 21 2014, 1 Comment

My new studio is taking shape (my desk is up - a good sign surely?!) I just need to find a spare day to titivate to my hearts content. I've been busy perfecting my Christmas range which you may have seen sneaky previews of on Facebook - already inundated with orders which makes me giddy as a kipper, it can't come soon enough for me :-) Full range will be officially launched on Sunday 31st August - you heard it here first! I've also just had my 200th sale through on this website which makes me an even giddier kipper - your support is TRULY appreciated, also... a huge thank you to everyone who has written me a review - they make me an actual kipper! Everytime one pops through I get all excited and so far (touch wood) they've been nice! Over and out :-)