7 instant styling tips for added wow in your home March 09 2017, 11 Comments

Good day! So... I'm often asked if I'm an interior designer ( BLUSH!) and I'm known for handing out tips to customers on a regular basis (when they ask of course - I don't just plod on over in my jimmy choo's) on ideas for giving their lounge a boost or their downstair loo some added pezaz (I don't think that's an actual word but lets keep it shall we... yes) 

SO... I've put together a list of tips inspired by how I've styled my own home which I hope will help you to add the zing you desire with minimal effort and spend. I'd ADORE (capitals because I really mean it) to hear if they work for you and if you send me a photo, I will plonk myself on the couch with wine and applaud your excellent work, so lets begin shall we... 

1. Create a scene 

When I say scene, I really mean little vignettes. It can be a bit daunting to attack a whole room so start with a small corner, or a shelf. Now lets make it beautiful. I like to cluster objects together to create a little picture or tell a little story. Try and stick to objects of a similar colour pallet OR objects of the same style to keep the look unified. Arrange objects to your liking and try and avoid too much symmetry so it looks natural rather than contrived. 

Stick to the same colour pallet for unity

2. Get creative with wallpaper and wrapping paper

These are your secret weapons! Next time you're out shopping and you see some gorgeous good quality paper pop it in your basket. Paper can be used to transform the backs of shelves, dressers and the inside of glass cabinets to keep clutter hidden. You can even frame pretty pieces as a collection to create a feature wall. 

Wallpaper on the cupboard doors hide a host of toiletrieswallpaper sits on the shelf for an added touch of pretty

3. Add foliage

It's incredible the impact a snip of greenery can do to a space - cut 3 sprigs from your garden and pop them in 3 separate glasses/ bottles for an instant style boost. Faux foliage is also my new best friend - I've just ordered some eucalyptus from Tilly and Sage (find them in Instagram) which I can't wait to receive as it looks so real! 

Greenery adds an instant hit of stylewhite gypsy is another flower I can't get enough off

4.Nail a feature Wall

Many people tell me they are too scared to start one for fear it won't look right, but I promise once you've popped that first nail in you won't look back. Try laying out your haul on the floor first arranging it so it looks right then take a photo and re create on your wall. Try and keep hanging heights different rather than level. Again, follow the odd numbers rule. 

A little array of nautical themed objects in my summer house

5. Play around with height and layering

Different levels keeps things interesting! Also, don't be afraid to overlap and pop things in the background, as long as you stick to a theme or colour pallet you can't go far wrong. 

layered pictures and a large eucalyptus sprig for height

6. turn books and magazines back to front 

It may sound a bit bonkers but after seeing it in a boutique hotel I recently stayed at I've caught the bug! Tie with string or lace for added charm and use as a mini shelf in one of your vignettes - instant style points for minimal effort!

turn books around and make a mini shelf

7. Light a candle

It may sound obvious but I can go weeks without doing so and when I do I think 'why did I not do this sooner? It makes everything look prettier and creates an ambience that money can't buy (except for the cost of the candle of course) 

white gypsy is another flower I can't get enough off

I was going to do 10 tips but I fear you my have dropped off your sofa mid snooze so I'll save my next lot of babbling for my next post! I hope this puts you in full titivating mood, so grab a tray, de robe a shelf and get re arranging!